TUESDAY, October 27, 2016
Show Me Your Mumu photo for Blog

Community Tarte Board

Hey guys! There is so much exciting stuff happening in our community! It seems like every two seconds someone is posting about their amazing new product or venture. Every week, we will post to this blog about the things we love in our community from food, fashion, and lifestyle. So, here are just some of the things we are loving right now.

The best of healthy eating with rrayyme (Remi Ishizuka)

One of our favorite blogs right now is the vibrant, ever-fresh fitness and lifestyle blog “rraymme” by Remi Ishizuka. If you don’t know her already (which you should!), she posts the most amazing healthy meals, snacks and smoothies all geared to support your active lifestyle. One of our favorite recipes is a Coconut Pineapple and Pitaya Smoothie Bowl…yeah. Not only is she a #boss in the kitchen, she’ll show you how to kick your butt into shape with her fun and easy-to-learn workout routines. Check out all her amazing recipes and fitness expertise on her blog and on Instagram. Blog: http://www.rrayyme.com/ IG: @rrayyme

Show Me Your Mumu Takes Coachella
As we all know, Coachella recently passed (sadly). But one of the things that’s stayed with us is the Coachella fashion. And of everything we saw there, we fell most in love with Show Me Your Mumu’s collection that perfectly encapsulated the magic of Coachella. Like their Rancho Mirage Lace Up Tunic or the Mateo Tie Top. We always love everything they do and we love their team! If you haven’t been to their site, check them out now: http://www.showmeyourmumu.com/ IG: @showmeyourmumu

The kindest granola around (KIND Healthy Snacks)
Sometimes really delicious things are better when you add other really delicious things. Our favorite topping for Tarte yogurt right now is KIND granola. They have some pretty incredible flavors, including Cinnamon Oat Clusters with Flax Seeds, Raspberry Clusters with Chia Seeds, and Maple Quinoa Clusters with Chia Seeds. Our personal favorite is the Oats and Honey Clusters with Toasted Coconut. So good. Next time you’re at the store, pick up a bag. Not only is their food delicious, but they are also a mission-driven company like us, aiming to make the world a little kinder. We love it! Here’s their website for further perusing: http://www.kindsnacks.com/

If you have a project or venture that you’d love us to know about, send us a message through our contact form! We might just feature it on our blog.